The Organizing Committee

General Chair

Jonathan Lazar Headshot

Jonathan Lazar, University of Maryland, USA

Technical Program Chairs

Jinjuan Heidi Feng Headshot

Jinjuan Heidi Feng, Towson University, USA

Faustina Hwang Headshot

Faustina Hwang, University of Reading, UK

Treasurer/Registration Chair

Kristen Shinohara Headshot

Kristen Shinohara, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA

Virtual Chairs

Cole Gleason Headshot

Cole Gleason, Apple Research, USA

Abi Roper Headshot

Abi Roper, City, University of London, UK

Christian Vogler Headshot

Christian Vogler, Gallaudet University, USA

Brian Wentz Headshot

Brian Wentz, Shippensburg University & University of Maryland, USA

Accessibility Chairs

Nicholas Giudice Headshot

Nicholas Giudice, University of Maine, USA

J. Bern Jordan Headshot

J. Bern Jordan, University of Maryland, USA

Raja Kushalnagar Headshot

Raja Kushalnagar, Gallaudet University, USA

Diversity & Inclusion Chairs

Cynthia Bennett Headshot

Cynthia Bennett, Carnegie Mellon University & Apple Research, USA

Sayan Sarcar Headshot

Sayan Sarcar, Birmingham City University, UK

Proceedings Chair

Garreth Tigwell Headshot

Garreth Tigwell, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA

Posters & Demos Chairs

Jon Froehlich Headshot

Jon Froehlich, University of Washington, USA

Benjamin Tannert Headshot

Benjamin Tannert, Bremen City University of Applied Science, Germany

Doctoral Consortium Chairs

Patrick Carrington Headshot

Patrick Carrington, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Annalu Waller Headshot

Annalu Waller, University of Dundee, UK

Student Research Competition Chairs

Dragan Ahmetovic Headshot

Dragan Ahmetovic, University of Milan, Italy

Weiqin Chen Headshot

Weiqin Chen, Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway

Experience Reports Chairs

Martez Mott Headshot

Martez Mott, Microsoft Research, USA

Laurianne Sitbon Headshot

Laurianne Sitbon, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Web Design Chairs

Meagan Griffith Headshot

Meagan Griffith, University of Maryland, USA

Rachel Wood Headshot

Rachel Wood, University of Maryland, USA

Mentoring Chairs

Stacy Branham Headshot

Stacy Branham, University of California Irvine, USA

Manohar Swaminathan Headshot

Manohar Swaminathan, Microsoft Research, India

UX Panel Chairs

Cosmin Munteanu Headshot

Cosmin Munteanu, University of Toronto, Canada

André Rodrigues Headshot

André Rodrigues, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Publicity Chairs

Rachel Menzies Headshot

Rachel Menzies, University of Dundee, UK

Dhruv Jain Headshot

Dhruv Jain, University of Washington, USA

Student Volunteer Chairs

Sergio Mascetti Headshot

Sergio Mascetti, University of Milan, Italy

Andreas Stefik Headshot

Andreas Stefik, University of Nevada, USA

TACCESS Special Issue Chair

João Guerreiro Headshot

João Guerreiro, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Best Artifact Chairs

João Guerreiro Headshot

João Guerreiro, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Foad Hamidi, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA