Experience Reports

Research on accessible and assistive technologies is primarily motivated by the needs of people with disabilities and other stakeholders, like caregivers and educators. Understanding these needs is crucial, but often requires first-hand experience that might be unavailable to all researchers in the community. ASSETS 2021 invites papers that reflect people’s experiences with disabilities and the challenges and opportunities related to accessible and assistive technologies. These papers will be reflective in nature and will give authors an opportunity to share their experiences as people with disabilities, caregivers, rehabilitation professionals, educators, researchers, developers, entrepreneurs, or other stakeholders.

Submitted papers should clearly explain how the community will benefit from the reported experience. When applicable, the technology and the focus of the report should be described citing appropriate references. Potential topics include but are not limited to:

  • accessibility challenges or solutions in existing technology;
  • every-day problems for which effective assistive technologies do not yet exist;
  • challenges in accessing technologies due to costs, cultural aspects, etc.;
  • needs of specific communities, such as people with multiple disabilities;
  • age-specific needs, such as children with disabilities;
  • challenges or solutions in the development and distribution of accessible and assistive technologies;
  • challenges or solutions related to regulatory policies;
  • challenges or solutions arising in the field of accessibility and computing education;
  • good practices possibly not yet supported by appropriate technologies;
  • challenges or solutions during rehabilitation processes;
  • limitations or benefits of tools and methodologies in the field of education of people with disabilities or specific learning disorders;
  • new trends in practices and habits.

Please note, unless explicitly advised by the technical paper review panel, authors should not submit papers that were not accepted to the technical paper track for review within the experience report track.

Submission Guidelines

Experience Reports proposals should be submitted using one of the templates found on the Submission Templates page.

Experience Reports proposals are limited in length to 7 pages in the single-column submission format and references do not count toward page limits. At least one author is expected to present their work and share their first-hand experience with the ASSETS community. Accepted Experience Reports will be published in the conference proceedings. Your PDF file must be accessible. Please refer to the instructions on Creating an Accessible ACM Conference Paper for information on how to accomplish this.

All submissions will be peer-reviewed by an international panel, per the ASSETS policy on Program Committees. Writing Guidelines are available to help authors choose appropriate language for writing about technology and people with disabilities. Finally, please refer to the ACM policy on plagiarism for guidance.

Submissions are NOT double-blind: the authors' names should be on the paper.

Important Dates

  • Wednesday, June 23, 2021 - Submission deadline
  • Wednesday, July 14, 2021 - Notification of Acceptance
  • Wednesday, July 28, 2021 - Final versions of Experience reports, due. Following this deadline, authors will receive instructions for completing their eRights forms, validating and submitting their paper to TAPS, and submitting their final accessible pdf.

How to Submit

The submission deadline is Wednesday, June 23, 2021, 5 p.m. PT. Please submit via the ASSETS 2021 Experience Reports submissions site.

IMPORTANT - Author PCS Account Details

Important information: ACM continues to update the publication process and now paper metadata will be pulled directly from your personal PCS account. This means that it is crucial for you and all of your co-authors to update the contact information so that names, affiliations AND primary email addresses are stylized exactly in the way that you all would want to see them in the ACM digital library and on your paper. For example, if you use a personal email address (xyz123@hotmail.com) as your primary contact email in PCS then this email will appear on your paper. Please check your author information and make necessary changes .

Further Information

For further information or any questions regarding the event or submissions, please contact the Experience Report Chairs, Martez Mott and Laurianne Sitbon, at experience-assets21@acm.org .