Accessibility Mentorship

Getting Advice on writing Accessible Manuscripts

It is important to the ASSETS community that the research we produce is accessible to everyone and at every stage of the publication process. However, producing accessible research articles, especially in PDF format, can be challenging. If you are new to producing accessible documents or are looking for advice on how to make your research more accessible, please contact us to be paired with an accessibility mentor!

Accessibility mentors can answer questions like:

  • How can I ensure that someone using a screen reader can access my manuscript?
  • What makes good alt text to describe figures in my manuscript?
  • What challenges would someone with color-blindness have reading my figures?
  • What precautions must be taken so that screen-readers are compatible with my tables?

Note that this is not a service to make your paper accessible for you, but accessibility mentors will help all authors get the advice and resources they need.

Call for Mentors

If you already have experience publishing research articles that are accessible for people with vision impairments or other disabilities, please volunteer your time to help other authors! We are looking for accessibility mentors to give advice and answer questions about table/figure accessibility or PDF accessibility. Please submit the form below to volunteer to receive questions from other authors! We will work with you to ensure you are paired with only the amount of authors you have time to volunteer for!

The form to volunteer to be an accessibility mentor is coming soon. Check back later.